Soulspinner is a band formed by four musicians who have been playing in the Milano area since 1999. After many collaborations they gathered togheter to form a soul quartet, adding a horn section on various occasions. Since then they’ve been backing up soul artists from U.S.,receiving deep appreciation, as well as performing on their own, mixing original material with Soul and Rhythm&Blues classics.

“Tricksters” is their second CD (the first one, ”Music from the motion picture score”, came out in 2003 on M.A.P.).
The variety of the songs written by the band makes this album a complete soul/funk experience.

The start is a rather funky one: “Positivity” has a vibe that goes along with the message,bringing you that old school funk. “Free” takes us to the 80’s stompin’ - in your face groove, with horns that really blow!

With “Missing” we enter in a more traditional soul environment, where the Wurlitzer electric piano, the flute, the flugelhorn and the Minimoog set the atmosphere. “Enterprise” is a song that takes you into a 3 minutes dream, with a moving yet delicate groove. ”Rain” is the only true love track of the record, with a sweet catchy melody that leads to a heavy dancefloor chorus . On “Gemini rising”, the only cover tune on the disc, Soulspinner calls up all the horn players who’ve been jamming with them along the years to pay a groovy tribute to New Orleans, where the funk was born. ”Who U R” is an anthem for all those who don’t believe in appearance but in substance…all delivered with a funk vibe.

“Paris xxx” takes you back to the southern soul realm, with the horns and the guitar counterpointing the vocals. ”The path” is also definitely a soul track, where the choir in the chorus section gives you a nice gospel flavor .The album closes with “If you wanna do it”, a sexy funk track where the synths and the vocoder give you yet another different face of the Soulspinner.
We are sure this disc will be fresh to your ears and will talk to your soul.


Un breve accenno ... del nuovo CD ... "buon ascolto"

  01. Positivity
  02. Free
  03. Missing
  04. Enterprise
  05. Rain
  06. Gemini rising
  07. Who U R
  08. Paris xxx
  09. The path
  10. If you wanna do it


Lead & Background vocals
Rhodes & Keyboards
All guitars, rap & Claps
Bass, rap & Claps
Drums, percussions, Background vocals

Etichetta SOUL MUSIC

Catalogo N° SM CD 1975
Anno 2006

Prodotto da Massimo Monti
Musicisti Associati Produzioni M.A.P.

Edizioni Musicali
Musicisti Associati Produzioni M.A.P.

Distribuzione M.A.P.

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