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Viaggio in Duo

Mariano Bellopede - Carmine Marigliano


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To Francesca, reason of a Viaggio in Duo more important than this. Viaggio in Duo Viaggio in Duo is the synthesis of a musical path started in 2006 and developed trough many live performances. From the large repertory proposed by the duo in these years, 12 tracks have been selected. In these tracks different influences and artistic experiences of Mariano Bellopede and Carmine Marigliano flow together: the european cultured music (classica music), the amrican one (jazz), the south-american one (tango and more), the appliede music (Sound-tracks), the progressive music... All this is faced with research of harmonic, timbric and dynamic solutions, but the instinctive component is also strong, that strange way of "non-reasoning" typical of the Southern Sound. Indeed, Naples is the starting and arriving point of this Viaggio in Duo. Naples contaminated in everything and by everyone. Naples, that doesn't need to hear its own dialect and its own songs to realize that it's being talked about. Naples, that is simply a way to play. Recorded as a live performance, without too many changes of mind and with a lot of passion, Viaggio in Duo is and want to be expression and transmission of emotions. Mariano Bellopede.

Label: AICSOUND - Catalog: N° AICSOUND CD 50142 - Executive production by Massimo Monti,Musicisti Associati Produzioni M.A.P. - Distribution M.A.P. - Year of production 2009


Tracks list CD:
01. Tarantella Sbagliata (M. Bellopede, 4'10")
02. Cafe' 1930 (A. Piazzolla, 5'40")
03. Adios Nonino (A. Piazzolla, 4'34")
04. My Empire (M. Bellopede, 4'56")
05. Libertango (A. Piazzolla, 4'27")
06. Oblivion (A. Piazzolla, 5'32")
07. Mi Chiamano "Loop..En" ( C. Marigliano, 2'31")
08. She's Writing (M. Bellopede, 3'46")
09. Summertime/Wintertime (G. Gershwin / M. Bellopede, 5'31")
10. C'era Una Volta In America (E. Morricone, 3'48")
11. Amarcord (N. Rota, 3'49")
12. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (E. Morricone, 3'52)