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Maurilio Cacciatore studied Composition and Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Perugia, the Conservatory of Strasbourg, the University of Göteborg and the National Academy of S. Cecilia, being introduced in Composition by Fabio Cifariello Ciardi and completing his formation with Ivan Fedele. He got a Master degree in International Communication at the University for Foreigner of Perugia and he followed the Cursus I and II for Computer Music at the Ircam. 

The experiences at the Academies of Acanthes and the composition courses of the Royaumont Foundation allowed him to meet several great composers; the contact with Michael Jarrell, Georges Aperghis, Yan Maresz and Brian Ferneyhough had a special influence on his development. 

His works are performed in Europe, Asia, Australia and U.S.A. by first class Festival and performers. Among the Institutions and the Ensembles that commissioned his music, the collaborations with the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Sacem, the Ensemble Accroche Note, the Foundation “I Pomeriggi Musicali”, the Ensemble l’Arsenale, the Ensemble Artéfact, the choir Voix de Strass, the RadioFrance Orchestra, the Choir les Cris de Paris, the New Made Ensemble, etc… are among the most significant. 

Other works of him were performed by prestigious ensembles such as the Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Ensemble Algoritmo, the Ensemble Linea, The National Orchestra of Lorraine, etc…, working with soloists and conductors like: Mario Caroli, Armand Angster, Matteo Cesari, Marco Angius, Jean Philippe Wurz, Alejo Pérez, Geoffroy Jourdain, Jacques Mercier, Antonello Manacorda…

Among the several prizes he got, he recently awarded the prizes “G. Petrassi” of the President of the Italian Republic (2011), the prize Coup de Cœur of the Orange Foundation (2012) and the first prize at the International Composition Competition “Premio Trio di Trieste – Coral Award” (2012).

In 2008, on an idea of Eric Maestri, he took part in the born of the Ensemble l’Imaginaire of Strasbourg, in which he actually is in the Artistic Board. In the musicological sector, he gave some conferences at the University of Göteborg, Seoul and Mainz, for the Phonotheque Trotta of Perugia and for the Valentino Bucchi Foundation in Rome.

He has been Composition teacher in the last years in some Italian Conservatories; actually he is teacher of Electronic Music at the Conservatory “A. Steffani” of Castelfranco Veneto. 

ArsPublica Editions published his first compositions; since 2010, his works are published by Suvini Zerboni (Milan).


Label: Classics - Catalog: N° MAPCL 10001 - Executive Production M.A.P. EDITIONS Srl - Distribution M.A.P. EDITIONS - Year 2013


Tracks list CD:

01. IV Anfibio (2011) - Maurilio Cacciatore - 11.48

02. Tre Lacrime (2007) - Maurilio Cacciatore  - 1.50
03. Tre Lacrime (2007) - Maurilio Cacciatore  - 2.31
04. Tre Lacrime (2007) - Maurilio Cacciatore - 2.34
05. Concertino per clarineto e live-electronics in otto 
      micromovimenti (2010) - Maurilio Cacciatore - 7.16
06. Corpo d' aria (2013) - Maurilio Cacciatore - 23.54