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The Bergamo Guitar Trio was established in August 2008 by the musicians Luca Bertocchi, Marco Monzio Compagnoni e Mario Rotadi, who decided to start a new artistict project, driven by the desire to promote a specific repertoire for a guitar trio.
The Bergamo Guitar Trio proposed for several years in a number of gigs a natural pathway consisting of a programme ranging from the baroque period to the present day, including transcriptions from piano operas, from scores for orchestras, and, above all, original pieces
composed for this ensemble. Lately the trio is specialising in contemporary Italian authors, attracting the interest of many musicians who composed pieces for the Bergamo ensemble. The purpose of this album is to record and divulge a large part of this project.
The Bergamo Guitar Trio, who followed master classes held by Giulio Tampalini, in Spring 2009 won valuable awards, including the second prize in the national contests “G. Rospigliosi” in Lamporecchio (Pistoia) and “Ansaldi-Servetti-Tomatis” in Mondovì (Cuneo), and in 2011 obtained the first prize at the “Città di Voghera” contest.

Born in Bergamo in 1971, he was a student of Giorgio Oltremari’s at the “G. Donizetti” Music School in Bergamo, where he obtained his diploma in July 1994. He carried on with his musical activities both in teaching and in performing, participating in national contests and music festivals, where he obtained prestigious awards. He was a tenured member of the “Benvenuto Terzi” guitar orchestra.

Born in 1977, after having obtained a summa cum laude MA degree in Musicology from the University of Pavia in Cremona, he got his diploma in classical guitar in July 2008 from the “Nicolini” conservatory in Piacenza under the guidance of Marco Taio. Since 2006 he has taught music in several schools in the province of Bergamo. As a guitar player, besides having
performed solo on several occasions, he played in some chamber ensembles. He attended Tilman Hoppstock’s and Carlos Bonell’s master classes and in the academic year 2008/09 he attended master classes in concert music at the Academy of Guitar in Brescia, under the guidance of Giulio Tampalini. He is currently approaching the end of a two-year second level guitar course at the “G. Donizetti” Music School in Bergamo, tutored by Luigi Attademo.

Born in Alzano Lombardo in 1979, he obtained his diploma with honours from the “G. Donizetti” Music School in Bergamo, under the guidance of Giorgio Oltremari. He then attended master classes held by Angelo Gilardino, Luigi Biscaldi and Tilman Hoppstock. He won several national and international contests, in Varenna, Voghera, Massa, Milano, Lodi, Ancona, Taranto, Savona and Castelfidardo. In 1999 he participated in the Third Musical Festival “Best Graduates of ‘98” organised by the city of Castrocaro Terme. He performed in several concerts both solo and in small chamber ensembles, and he was also a member of the “Benvenuto Terzi” guitar orchestra in Bergamo. In 2004 he graduated in Musicology from the University of Pavia in Cremona and in 2007 he obtained a second level guitar diploma from the “G. Donizetti” Music School. He has been active as a teacher in the Bergamo area for years; he currently works with many chamber ensembles, trying also other instruments (mandolin and mandola).


Label LIRA CLASSICA - Catalog N° LR CD 130 - Executive Production by  Massimo Monti -  Musicisti Associati Produzioni M.A.P. - Distribuzione M.A.P. - Anno 2013


Tracks list CD:
3 OPEN SPACES - Giorgio Mirto (1972)
01. When She Left - 4:41
02. Light Shadows of Ideas - 4:27
03. Dark Shades in the Night - 5:27


04. EIRES - Marco de Biasi (1977) - 6:12

VALSE ROAD DREAM - Andrea Nosari (1972)
05. The Wait - 5:23
06. The Dream - 4:28


SU BENTU - Giorgio Mirto (1972)
07. Maestrale - 5:40
08. Tramontana - 4:34
09. Scirocco  - 5:51


METROPOLITAN SONATINA - Franco Cavallone (1957)
10. Frenetico - 3:52
11. Moonlight in Town - 3:55
12. Finale - 3:04


13. CAPRICCIO - Antonio Brena (1951) - 3:03

14. LE VOCI DELL’ANIMA - Dario Caruso (1964) - 5:52