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YEAR 2016

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"Several are the meanings of Y. It can stand for the unknown factor, the variable, the formula where two become one. Or it can simply remind us of a fork, a junction. The last interpretation inspired me for this album, a collection of pieces, each with its own dynamics, which stimulates a dialogue, suggests a setting or maybe inspires meditation.
There are many suggestions and sounds in this music, but above all is the need to paint a picture with notes, the picture of a system or society which have fallen into a hypnotic state, where the whirling overlapping of languages makes it increasingly important to be able to listen.
Y is a space for waiting, it is the desire to recreate rather than obliterate, but it is also the necessary culmination which can raise our conscience to the vibrations of the Heart."
Marcello Fiorini




Marcello Fiorini over the years classical accordionist and composer, winner of several national competitions and of prestigious international awards, has developed a unique, exciting musical language capable of enhancing and exalting the accordion as a solo instrument, ranging from most lyrical to most virtuous capabilities. However, this music is not only linked to language, but also to the composer's personal history and experience, which, over the years, have seen him compose and perform for Theatre, Dance and Cinema, in solo concerts or with several ensembles, at such venues as the Dresden Opera House, or in Rome, at the local Opera House, Teatro Eliseo, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Basilica of Santa Maria Ara Coeli, the "Teatri di pietra" circuit and Maxxi, the National Museum of Modern Arts.
His previous works, METAMORPHOSIS Concerto per anima e mutazioni and BABILONIA, marked the beginning of a new musical journey, and a significant contribution to this début album, Y.


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01. Babilonia House - Marcello Fiorini - 7'10"
02. Waiting For - Marcello Fiorini - 3'58"
03. A una Polena - Marcello Fiorini - 5'30"
04. Vertigo - Marcello Fiorini - 3'11"
05. Ode Marittima - Marcello Fiorini - 6'23"
06. Metamorphosis - Marcello Fiorini - 6'36"
07. Every Day Like The Sun - Marcello Fiorini - 4'47"
08. Mind Dream - Marcello Fiorini - 1'46"
09. Y - Marcello Fiorini - 5'16"


Catalog N° MAPCL10039
Year 2016

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