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YEAR 2016

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The Harp is the instrument I adore, but it was not my first instrument.

I began with the accordion, then I switched to the piano (I got my diploma at the Genoa Conservatory in 1996) and finally I discovered the Harp. I was enchanted while seeing it played, I was also enraptured by its sound directly produced by the fingers and so… in 2001 I received my Harp Diploma. During my career I have recorded several CDs, had the chance to collaborate with wonderful musicians, to play with important orchestras and to get in touch with great conductors, soloists, singers… From 2009 I have been Harp Professor at the Istituto Musicale “Achille Peri” in Reggio Emilia. I live in Castelnuovo Rangone, a town that I love, located in the province of Modena.




Madame la Harpe id est the all-French charm of harp music at the beginning of the 20th century, between Belle Époque and Impressionism, Art Déco and Neoclassicism around the hub created by the Paris Music Conservatory, the fundamental touchstone for harp studies for almost two centuries. The professorship for harp teaching was established in 1825 and has been gradually passed from master to pupil, to an incredible series of extraordinary harpists that were also excellent composers and teachers. The first one was François- Joseph Naderman, whose pupils were Théodore Labarre, the Godefroid brothers, Jules and Félix, and Antoine Prumier, his successor. After Prumier’s death, the internationally famous Labarre replaced him. During his youth, Labarre studied harp with Jacques-Georges Cousineau and Robert Nicolas Charles Bochsa and composition with François-Adrien Boïeldieu. In 1870 Ange-Conrad-Antoine Prumier, Antoine’s son and harpist at the theatre of the Opéra Comique, gained the professorship.

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01. Valse de Concert Op. 4 - Davide Burani - 6'08"
02. Gitana Op. 21 - Davide Burani - 6'09"
03. Ballade Op. 24 - Davide Burani - 6'47"
04. Impromptu - Caprice Op. 9 - Davide Burani - 5'51"
05. Au matin - Etude de Concert Op. 39 - Davide Burani - 3'58"
06. Deux Petites Pièces (*) - Canzonetta - Davide Burani - 2'05"
07. Deux Petites Pièces (*) - Menuet mèlancolique - Davide Burani - 2'56"
08. Sarabande pour Harpe - Davide Burani - 5'53"
09. Legènde pour Harpe (*) - Davide Burani - 10'29"
10. The Colorado Trail - Davide Burani - 4'50"
11. Prèludes pour Harpe - No. 1 - Allegretto - Davide Burani - 1'35"
12. Prèludes pour Harpe - No. 2 - Moderato - Davide Burani - 1'46"
13. Prèludes pour Harpe - No. 3 - Allegretto - Davide Burani - 1'20"
14. Rhapsodie pour la Harpe - Davide Burani - 8'03"
    (*) World Premiere Recordings


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Year 2016

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