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Beyond Thoughts


- 2012


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This Album is the fruit of years of musical collaboration and friendship between the musicians Denis Stern and Arup Kanti Das, the first coming from Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Arup from West Bengal, India. They met long back in Milan, Italy, and immediately a journey began. They were coming from intense experiences in different countries of the world: Denis was in Israel and then in Spain for many years working on traditional music as well as modern styles, while Arup was touring Europe, initially promoting Indian Classical music, followed by many different genre of music.
The idea of making universal music united Denis and Arup and they had the privilege to record their album in India, precisely in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), at the historical "His Master's Voice" studio where many renowned people have worked in since the beginning of 20th century. Their compositions were then enriched by the artistic contribution of some accomplished indian musicians. The intense Bengali stay came to a close with a performance by Arup and Denis at the memorial concert of the Master of Arup: Pandit Shyamal Bose.
The sophistication of the music by Arup and Denis crossed paths with the Italian artist Lucrezia Maniscotti, exponent of Indian classical dance of South India, who began to choreograph some of their songs.
The result was the creation of DUNIA, a Hindi and Arabian word that means "world/universe". Ever since their concerts have become highly appreciated shows where the combination of sounds and influences from all over the world creats a unique language. DUNIA's performances are capable of evoking a magical musical atmosphere, enhanced by the presence of dance, mime and acting passages. It gives rise to a feast of sounds, colours and movements to arouse and then celebrate an exquisite kind of poetry.

Label: Ethnika - Catalog: N° ET CD 2003 - Executive production by Massimo Monti,Musicisti Associati Produzioni M.A.P. - Distribution M.A.P. - Year of production 2013


Tracks list  CD
01. GOLDEN LIGHT  (Denis Stern - 6.31)
02. LIZARD DANCE (Denis Stern & Arup Kanti Das - 5.49)
03. PEACE OR NOTHING  (Arup Kanti Das - 5.16)
04. MAJHI (The Boatman - Arup Kanti Das - 5.20)
05. HOUSE WARMING PARTY (Denis Stern &Moshe Yankovsky - 4.14)
06. BENGALI FOLK SONG (Traditional song by Malay Ghosh - 4.28)
07. FOR YOU (Denis Stern 3.41)
08. MAESTRO (A tribute to PANDIT SHYAMAL BOSE by Sangat - 8.51)
09. HAFLA  (Denis Stern - 8.51)
10. BEYOND THOUGHTS (Denis Stern & Arup Kanti Das - 3.48)