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Dirty Boppers Quartet

Dirty Boppers

- 2009

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In 1945 the “modern” jazz was young, even better newborn: the music of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie was making sensation. It had never been heard a language so abstruse in jazz , played so fast, so that to seem that the purpose was only to point out the virtuosity of a coven of young men who were thinking and speaking in a strange incomprehensible way. For the fans of jazz "traditionalists" it was a kind “insult”, a good one, directed to them and to their heroes. The “bopper” (“Bop”, or “Be-Bop” was the name of their jazz) in turn they were risponding with obvious disdain, accusing the creators of the “old” jazz, or worse, of the inability of music. Under these premises and a fiery atmosphere, the least they could expect to return was the epithet "dirty", "Dirty Boppers". All this was giving a strong coloring to the "golden age" of modern jazz and in perspective gives a good atmosphere very creative and passionate of the period. Not too surprising then, that a complex borned with the idea of reliving the days of Be-Bop has chosen to be baptized with an insult directed to their ancestors. It’s a respect and a nostalgia for an era virulently creative. And there is a certain originality in proposing the music mostly forgotten in an era where we seem to believe that jazz is started with John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman. There is originality in reinvestigare the own roots. But then what’s this: a so-called cd "revival"? Of course not! How could it? Danilo Pala, technically-trained saxophonist and improviser of great passion was born in 1958, just when the bop was finishing his parable. Simone Daclon, the youngest of the group and pianist with a solid lexical articulation was born in 1981, already in post-free era. Chronologically between the two, here is the solid rhythm with Victor Sicbaldi on drums (1963) and Daniel Tortora on bass (1977). How to think that at their age these four musicians are limited to playing literally a style older than them? In fact they don’t. In the course of their lives they have heard and played everything and nothing is lost.Their music is contemporary in all its aspects but, at least on this occasion, begins with a gesture of reverence for the masters of the past. How nice listening again the warhorses of bop as Confirmation, Relaxin 'at Camarillo, Cherokee and Lover Man, sounds just like we would want to hear. And what we can tell about the two classics as Cole Porter, rather than the Whims of Chambers and Cymbalism, a more recent vintage, which mix the rest with faultless logic? It’s a long time since I do not have such fun in listening jazz "Made in Italy". 

Danilo Pala - Sax
Simone Daclon - Piano
Daniele Tortora - Contrabbass
Vittorio Sicbaldi - Drums

Label: LUSH TALES - Catalog: N° LT CD 0166 - Product by Massimo Monti - Musicisti Associati Produzioni M.A.P. - Distribution M.A.P. - Year of production 2009


Tracks list CD:
01. Love for sale (Cole Porter - 6.49)
02. You'd be so nice to come on to (Cole Porter - 7.00)
03. Steeplechase (Parker - 4.24)
04. Lover Man (J. Davis - J. Sherman - R. Ramirez - 8.14 )
05. Confirmation (Parker - 6.16)
06. Whims of Chambers (Paul Chambers - 5.39)
07. Relaxin' at Camarillo (Parker - 7.19)
08. Cherokee (Ray Noble - 5.32)
09. Gone with the wind (Magdison - Wrubel - 6.32)
10. Caravan (Tizol - Ellington - 4.28)
11. Cymbalism (Roy Haynes - 3.41)