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Alberto Falco - Giacomo Pedicini - Aldo Fucile

- 2005

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Together again, Nothing is more satisfying for a musician than the energy that develops when he has a perfect rhythm section by his side. When this consists of very good friends, success is guaranteed. It’s not always easy to find a common way of living and thinking about music, which of course is the basis for developing the special “sound” of a band. But here it happened. We have reached that common intention, necessary for making the recording session not only an opportunity for “playing” but an event that has the aim of creating music. After seven years in which we went our own ways, our reunion in my opinion was magic. Nobody trying to prevail stylistically or technically over the others or to show his personal musical progress, but a relaxed conversation between good friends. And what is more, everybody was just himself. That’s the reason why these liner notes were mainly written to thank Giacomo and Aldo for their expressiveness and their splendid human support, which made this project possible. And now, LISTEN!
Alberto Falco

Alberto Falco - guitar
Giacomo Pedicini - bass
Aldo Fucile - drums

Label: Lush Tales - Catalog: N° LT CD 0160 - Product by Massimo Monti - Musicisti Associati Produzioni M.A.P. - Music Edition: Musicisti Associati Produzioni M.A.P. - Distribution M.A.P. - Year of production 2005


Tracks list CD:
01. Trionico Blues - A. Falco - G. Pedicini - 6'05"
02. Don’t Trespass - A. Falco - 4'25"
03. It’s My Fault - A. Falco - 4'45"
04. The Next Time It Will Be Better - A. Falco - 6'10"
05. Inorganic Chemistry (Phase Two) - G. Pedicini - 2'52"
06. Inorganic Chemistry (Phase Two) - G. Pedicini - 5'12"
07. Inorganic Chemistry (Phase Three) - G. Pedicini - 4'21"
08. Inorganic Chemistry (Phase Four) - G. Pedicini - 6'23"
09. Waltz For No One - A. Falco - 4'07"