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“Cafe Pearls"


Year 2015

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Marco Ricci is one of my brothers in music. The ties that bind each other are very strong for several reasons. But it would be too simple to push on my emotional point of view and not to realize the weight and refi nement of his new work.
I loved it from the beginning, because in “Café Pearls” a crazy energy and a fi ne elegance live together. In those compositions there is a lot of originality and also memories of when I used to listen, and I still listen, to Weather Report. The scathing and wide sound created by Luca Vittori.
The international soloist skill of Pancho Ragonese and the important rhythm section (which I have never heard playing together) with Martino Malacrida, Pacho Rossi and Marco.
This is not a easy-listening album, because music is not easy or diffi cult; it must fl ow in the moment.
And for Marco Ricci is a very good moment.

Paolo Jannacci

A brief mention ... of the new CD ... "good listening"

01. TETRAMELA - Marco Antonio Ricci - 8’22”
02. ADAMO - Marco Antonio Ricci - 7’28”
03. WEEPING WILLOW - Marco Antonio Ricci - 3’47”
04. AVANTESTO - Marco Antonio Ricci - 5’22”
05. CORDIALMENTE SALUTI - Marco Antonio Ricci - 4’21”
06. LA TESTA VUOTA - Marco Antonio Ricci - 4’03”
07. UN PO' RETRO' - Marco Antonio Ricci - 4’53”
08. COMMEDIA SENZA NOME - Marco Antonio Ricci - 13’13”


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Year 2015


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