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Lorenzo Invidia

- 2011

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Lorenzo Invidia was born in Campi Salentina (LE), the same town where ten years earlier Carmelo Bene came to the world. Since his earliest youth he loved music and all forms of creative art. At age of 10 he began taking lessons in musical theory. He soon entered the local village band and was assigned the small clarinet in A minor, as it was the missing instrument in the group. After a few years he also provided the alto sax,which he play to this day. After having played with a variety of similar musical groups, like the City of Poggiardo (directed by Maestro Oronzo De Giorgi), the city of Mottola, the city of Lecce, which where institutions in Salento, he starts to get involved with bands in the field of popular music,like “Gli Hippyes” of Novoli with Mario Seclì at the piano, as well as other groups, whose names can no longer remembered. In 1968 he moves, together with his family, to the province of Milan - Desio to be more precise. Thanks to the music, he manages to settle in to the new reality quite fast, becoming part of “ I C 119”, with whom he performs in various local dance-halls in the region. Immediately upon completion of his high school degree, he receives the call to attend the militery service, and what initially appears as a misfortune instead reveals it self as a fortunate opportunity, namely fifteen months of music. In fact after C.A.R. he is trasfered to Udine and soon after Palmanova, where he becames part of thethe Band of 5° Corpo d’Armata, directed by Marshall De Felice. Here he has the opportunity to get to know many musicians and personages within the entertainment industry, amomgst whom: Alessandro Benvenuti (Gian Cattivi), Patrizio Fariselli (Area), Giuseppe Caroli (Orme), as well as others. During this period he comes to know many new musical genres and styles, like jazz, free jazz, and most of all begins to compose his first pieces, with the help of a fellow soldier, a pianist, of whom the only remaining memory is that he came from Calabria. Following his military service, and filled with musical experiences, which were given opportunity to ripen in that environment, he becomes part of “ I mitomani”, with Livio Lappa on lead guitar, Giampaolo Rivosecchi on bass, Flavio (detto Patata), on drums, and Enrico Balestreri on piano (soon after replaced by Igi, for reason of his further studies),and begins a series of concerts for a number of student parties, government-organized music festivals for universities, and performs at such prestigious and fomous festivals, as the Festival del Re Nudo (Festival of the naked King) in the Parco Lambro Milano. Following a long break, during which all musical activities come to a halt. Lorenzo Invidia’s motivation and spirit to perform is renewed in 2001, and the easiest way to start happens to be to become a member of the musical group Banda Milano Crescenzago, directed by Maestro Francesco Rossetti, for whom he is an active component up to this day. But the musical activity which taken on primary importance in his life is that of composition. He doesn’t have a particular love for anyfixed genre, but is rather interestedin rying out all the possibilities.and most of all experiment with sounds and rhythms.

Label: ULTIMA CHANCHE - Catalog: N° UC CD 069 - Executive production by Massimo Monti - Musicisti Associati Produzioni M.A.P. - Distribution M.A.P.


Tracks list CD:
01. Giardino privato (polka) (4'58")
02. Valzer per te (3'25")
03. L'incontro (mazurka) (6'43")
04. Nuovi amori (tango) (4'31")
05. Primo valzer (3'14")
06. Provaci ancora (mazurka) (4'49")
07. Valzer secondo (3'58")
08. Tangone (3'54")
09. Mambo vena (4'11")
10. Dannata polka (4'25")
11. Rumbella (rumba) (5'29")
12. Baraonda (tarantella) (3'57")
13. Get up (baiaio) (4'52")
14. Sambada (samba) (3'53")
15. Polka nonnina (4'04")
16. Batticuore (paso doble) (4'30")