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Year 2016

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Albert Hera, an amazing jazzman specialized in solo and choral improvisation, could be described as a "Sound Teller": he has focused his artistic research on the study of traditional world music, with particular attention to vocal and choral practices. Using invented onomatopoeic languages he imitates and reproduce the traditional sounds and rhythms of nature, language and music of specific countries drawing suggestive pictures of those remote landscapes: his improvisations are able to evoke places, perfumes, flavours, dances and exotic people entwined in musical lines that tell ancestral stories and passions everyone could find himself in, far beyond the power of words. His incessant exploration, his strong root in jazz music and his amazing ability to interweave intriguing sound-tales leads to the creation of a new musical genre: the Epic Jazz.His passion and need of going beyond formal restrictions leads him to a continuous deepening of voice possibilities. Since 2005 he has taken part to the Biennial International Conference of Phoniatrics and Voice Therapy "The Artistic Voice" and actively contributed to researches directed to a better understanding of the anatomy and function of vocal production, in collaboration with international experts as Dott. Franco Fussi, Alfonso Maccarini and Alfonso Borragan. Putting art to use in science, Hera continuously feeds his introspective and vocal research, attitude that makes his singing always dynamic and in constant, rapid evolution. In reason of his great technical-stylistic competence and of his remarkable human and pedagogical sensitivity, he is considered one the most capable and reputed singing teacher in Italy.

Is an autobiographical and universal story that describes the journey of man from solitude to his soul mate. Solos, a word so delicate and full of meaning, represents the vital role that music has for an artist.
Solos expresses also the artist in its solitude, which becomes element of strength for human growth and brings to the revelation of love. It is an anthem of tenacity and determination, leading to a transformation that can take place thanks to solitude, the artist's solitude to look beyond.


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Dance - Albert Hera - 2'57"
SoloS - Albert Hera - 3'11"
Angel - Albert Hera - 4'55"
The Way - Albert Hera - 3'47"
Move - Albert Hera - 5'09"
Listen - Albert Hera - 5'21"
Jewel - Albert Hera - 3'07"
Circular Song - Albert Hera - 3'14"
Ceremony - Albert Hera - 3'26"



Catalog N° MAP AU 001
Year 2016

Produced by  Massimo Monti
M.A.P. Editions S.r.l.


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